Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Museum of the Moment- Harrow Road showcased on ITV London News

Museum of the Moment- Harrow Road volunteers were interviewed by ITV London News crew on thier experiences on the project. The footage was broadcast on Monday and reported on the life time of the project. This media coverage further raises the profile of FreqOUT! and our work with local young people to improve social cohesion and quality of life and explore new possibilities for the arts.

So watch this space for further developments.

FreqOUT! attends NODE London

Acting Project Manager Jenny Irish attended the NODE.London subscribers meeting at the Gasworks Gallery this week to discuss the direction of NODE over the coming months.

In order to raise the visibility of media arts practice in and around the capital, NODE.London [Networked, Open, Distributed, Events. London] has worked as an open organisation, using consensus decision-making and pooling ideas, resources and even people. It has sought to fortify existing media arts networks and to encourage production and experimentation, whilst assisting in the articulation of such innovative artistry to a wider audience.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

FreqOUT! explores the implications of Web 2.0

This week Acting Project Manager Jenny Irish visited the Arts Council to attend a presentation and debate that discussed the implications of the web 2.0 phenomena. Saul Albert (FreqOUT! Steering Group member) and colleague Mikey Weinhove presented 'Who Wants to Be..'. Based on the ask-the-audience feature of the popular TV game show 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire' The project helps large groups of people to make suggestions, discuss an issue, and to vote on each step in a creative decision-making process. The discussion between panel members and the audience explored the implications of the web 2.0 with Andrew Keen author, broadcaster and entrepreneur, commenting on implications for the music industry and journalism in the future.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Futurelab Covers FreqOUT!

As part of the Museum of the Moment- Harrow Road project- Futurelab has included FreqOUT! on its website as part of their Digital Inclusion review. You can find out more on the Futurelab website.

Future Lab Digital Inclusion