Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Inspired Mobile Films

Artist Melissa Bliss and the FreqOUT! team worked with young people from Churchill Gardens Youth Club this week to create short films inspired by a trip to the Tate Gallery. Four short films were made on the day and the group devised innovative ways to use mobile phones to capture issues of importance to them. This method of low fi film making is encouraging young people to think more creatively what they can do with technology that is accessible to them.

Perceptual Landcspaes Launches in Church Street

Young people from the Marylebone Bangladeshi Society worked with artists Christian Nold, Daniela Boraschi and the FreqOUT! team to interview members of the Church Street community to find out what people thought about living there. The young peolpe used MP3 sound recorders to build a rich audio representation of their community. Christian and Daniela worked with the young people to transcribe their audio onto project laptops, and then created a digital diagram of the results in consultation with the group. The final maps will be exhibited at a display at City Hall in April alongside photographs from the workshops.

Monday, March 03, 2008

On the Margins of Technology

FreqOUT! visited SPACE Studios on Friday to see the grande finale of 'Not Quite Yet'. Artists have responded to research with groups of older people in East London considering how the UK’s ‘ageing’ population can engage with future design processes of Technology. What if everyone had a role in deciding how society uses digital technologies? The growing relationship between networks and computer systems means the way we live is being increasingly determined by technology. The UK has an ‘ageing’ population who live with the implications of these design decisions. The artists have been invited to respond to a research project that engages groups of older people in East London exploring their relationship to technology and its development.