Tuesday, August 08, 2006

FreqOUT! Champion at Vertex moves on...

Cheryl Bennett, Westminster Wireless City Programme Director for Vertex between spring 05 and Autumn ’06 is moving on from her role, but luckily not from FreqOUT!, as she will be acting as an International Ambassador for the project.

You can see Cheryl here giving an opening welcome at the FreqOUT! showcase at the Institute Of Contemporary Art, London in October 2005.

Cheryl was an early champion for FreqOUT!, recognising the benefits of the project to local communities and to her organisation. She says "I think the social benefits of Vertex being involved with FreqOUT! was received very well within our organisation. It was also a great education for us at all levels. Seeing the impact on the young people involved was amazing and very humbling. I also believe it had a huge impact on my team in terms of motivation; enthusiasm and giving something back to the community".

Over the next few months she will be travelling widely, with a brief touch down in Cannes in November/December to facilitate workshops and present at the Wireless Cities Congress. We wish her the best of luck.

Cheryl leaves us in the capable hands of Rajiv Kumar who serves on the Steering Group, and Mario Tsvallas who is working to shape the Vertex Corporate Social Responsibility programme for the future. Don’t send a postcard Cheryl – post a comment here & then we can all keep up with you!

To find out more go to:
Wireless Cities Congress

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