Monday, January 15, 2007

FreqOUT highlights of BETT conference

The BETT conference is a leading educational technology event showcasing companies and businesses operating worldwide .

Highlights of the day were a presentation by Dan Sutch, Learning Researcher for FutureLab, at the Tomorrow's Learners Today Stand. He tackled the subject "...What if we could re-design our education system from scratch?...What if we made the technology do what we wanted?..." FutureLab is a blue-sky thinking IT & educational reserach group working on projects creating answers to the questions above.

Some of their exciting projects are as follows:
Enquiring Minds - a personalised learing project.
Create-A-Scape - a personalised learning tool that enables young people to learn while discovering their surronding through the potential of wireless and mobile technologies.

Information collected by Ed Whyman
Article edited and posted by Daniela Boraschi

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