Saturday, April 21, 2007

FreqOUT! at Common Work - a Socially Engaged Art Conference by the University of Stirling

At the end of last week FreqOUT! joined forces with Isabel Lily the Artistic Director of Independent Photography to give a joint paper at a conference entitled ‘Common Work’ – a forum for those in the field of socially engaged art. The pair detailed several of the media arts projects their respective organisations have commissioned in the last few years and discussed, “Artistic quality & socially engaged practice: tensions, compromises & successes”.

Highlights of the conference were presentations by Choreographer Bill Shannon - whose displays of skateboarding/streetdance works are viewed by audiences and DJ’s on buses were music is relayed to the performer using wireless technology - and Quarantine theatre company Director Richard Gregory who works with untrained performers or ‘experts in the everyday’ to create events which rarely allows an audience feel confident about what might happen next. Find out more about them at the links below.

Thanks to Professor Heather Lynch at the University of Stirling for organising the event.

Independant Photography's 'Peninsula Projects'
Bill Shannon's performances and writing
Quarantine Theatre / Richard Gregory

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