Wednesday, July 11, 2007

FreqOUT! groups visit music studios

As part of FreqOUT! Museum Of The Moment - Harrow Road summer project in collaboration with artist Jennie Savage, young people from Westside Independant School visited two music studios in West London this week.

The trip to Eastcoates and Kensal Town Studios was organised to show the young people what career opportunities may be open to them if they wanted to pursue the sound recording activity they have begun with Jennie Savage. The group prepared questions to ask Studio Managers, Assistants, Engineers and Producers.

Many thanks go out to Phillip from Eastcoates whose stories about late night working and soldering irons were hugely entertaining and insightful, and to Nici and Iain from Kensal Town who backed up the message of the day which was if you want something and you are prepared to work hard, you can make it happen.

To find out more go to:
Eastcotes Studios
Jennie Savage

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