Sunday, July 30, 2006

FreqOUT! visits Peninsula Voices

FreqOUT! delegates Amy and Nick went to check out the 'Peninsula Voices' project in Greenwich this weekend.

Independent Photography and artist Daniel Belasco Rodgers have created a fantastic GPS triggered sound walk experience around the Greenwich Peninsula where the Dome has its home. The project uses location-aware technology which delivers stories and memories which relate to the landscape.

Visitors can share a mobile pack between two people. Each pack contains two headphones, a handheld device using software developed by Mobile Bristol and a gps card which make it possible to walk round the area and hear the voices of those whose lives echo in the bricks and mortar, the pavements and railings. Once the device is switched on there is no more button pushing - its just like having a local with you revealing the dramatic changes in the area over the years, and the memories that lie in the places and spaces.

You can see the pair wearing the earphones and carrying the handheld device with gps card in the photo above. Over the next two years anyone can contact Andy or Isabel at Independent Photography on +44 (0)20 8858 2825 or email and make a date to take the equipment out. We highly recommend it!

To find out more go to:
Peninsula Projects
Daniel Belasco Rodgers / Plan b

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