Monday, July 31, 2006

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Vital Regeneration and FreqOUT!, as part of the NODE London season of media arts in March this year hosted the inaugural meeting of the Artists In Social Housing Forum.

The aim of the day was to bring together housing professionals and artists to share and discuss good practise around resident engagement; comissioning, paying and developing artists; working with young and vulnerable people and finding funding.

Speakers included David Bowler from Hammersmith and Fulham NDC, Emilia Telese from a-n magazine and artists Melissa Bliss (Living Cinema), Adnan Hadzi (Deptford TV) Michael Needham (Neighbourhood Watching), Nina Pope (Bata-Ville)and Amy Robins (FreqOUT!).

As a result of the day, an email list was set up to support further discussion and to disseminate information and opportunities.

Join our list - So we can grow and support as many people as possible! If you would like to email .

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